How to install the Precautions for USING The Butt Welding Machine?

precautions for using the butt welding machine

Precautions for using the Butt Welding Machine is a split -type mid -frequency point welding machine that can be transported separately. Various internal connections have been connected. Its installation is naturally simple. Just follow the following steps:

1. Qi source:

The compressed air is connected to the three connections of the three -connected air source device in the middle of the welding machine.

Lubrication of the cylinder: Inject most of the clean lubricating oil into the oil fog on the left side of the gas source device for the first time, unscrew the small screws above to inject or push the red button on the tank to remove the tank into injection.

Adjust the amount of oil inlet: Rotate the oil inlet amount above the oil fog device to the 1 or 2 position.

Adjust the air intake pressure: pull up the air pressure regulating knob above the pressure gauge upward to adjust the air intake pressure. Below the pressure gauge is the oil removal of the aircraft, please remove the air intake pressure on a regular basis to allow the oil device to discharge water and impurities.

2. Ground:

The grounding wire is reliably connected to the ground screws of the machine, and the cross -section of the ground wire is not less than 6mm2.

3. Power:

First reliable the welding machine, and then the three -phase 380V (3 fire line) power supply is connected to the bottom side of the bottom side of the electrical installation board at the bottom side of the equipment. The cross -section of the power wire is selected by 8A/mm2 (the rated input current is available for the main technical parameter table),

4. Protection:

According to the rated input current data provided by this machine, air switches and fuses with corresponding capacity at the front end of the input power supply should be installed.

precautions for using the butt welding machine


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