non-articulation way industry endoscope

NON-Endustry Endoscope is a detection instrument that integrates traditional optical, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software. A image sensor, optical lens, light source lighting, mechanical device, etc., can enter the stomach via the mouth or enter the body via other natural trails. You can see the lesions that cannot be displayed in X -rays with endoscopes, so it is very useful for doctors. For example, with the help of an endoscopic doctor, you can observe the ulcer or tumor in the stomach, and to formulate a ** plan according to this.


NON-Articulation Way Industry Endoscope is suitable for the real-time detection and analysis of the ** departments such as public security, armed police, criminal investigation, fire protection, anti-drugs, customs, etc., and directly observe whether there are hidden dangers in the hidden environment such as boxes, automobiles, pipelines, and dark rooms. , Real -time camera and video recording can provide indispensable data collection for analysis of the criminal investigation site and criminal detection and evidence collection. In addition, greatly reduce the danger of law enforcement and ensure law enforcement officers **!

non-articulation way industry endoscope


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