Inspection of handheld video endoscope in boiler "four pipes"

handheld video endoscope

The four boiler tubes include all the heating surfaces of the boiler, and the four tubes are the boiler water wall, superheater, reheater and economizer. Internally, it needs to withstand the pressure of the working medium and the action of some chemical components; externally, it needs to withstand the environmental impact of high temperature, erosion and wear. Therefore, in the process of reconciling the contradiction between water and fire, failure and leakage problems are very easy to occur.

During the unplanned outage, the leakage accident of the "four pipes" of the boiler accounted for 60.5% of the non-stop accidents of the boiler, so the leakage of the four pipes seriously threatened the stability of the unit The operation directly affects the normal dispatch of the power grid and reduces the economic benefits. Therefore, before the accident or breakdown, it is necessary to find the defects such as corrosion, wear, cracks and other defects of the four boiler tubes, which requires the help of endoscopes.

As we all know, the field of handheld video endoscope is good at completing the inspection work in harsh working conditions. Let's take a look at how to use it:

First of all, when using infrared industrial endoscope for inspection, you only need to send the probe into the space to be inspected, and the camera device at the end of the probe can take pictures or videos in real time, and transmit out. Since the length of the probe line can be customized, which means that the inspector can watch the inspection image or video from a distance, the personal safety is naturally greatly improved.

Secondly, the handheld video endoscope is designed and developed for industrial inspection needs, so it often has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Handheld video endoscope can still be used in the inspection field with high temperature and harsh working environment such as boilers. At the same time, handheld video endoscope is also widely used in other inspection fields, such as aerospace, energy and power, automobile maintenance, bridge construction and so on.

Different endoscopes are used in different occasions, such as borehole detection equipment for aircraft engine inspection; video endoscopes for engines, turbines, Compressor inspection; handheld video endoscope is suitable for special inspection fields such as boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure pipes.

handheld video endoscope


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